Emotional Trauma Is Sabotaging You

You learn how to cope, of course. Maybe you get involved in kind’a good relationships, but they always end badly. Maybe you have an OK job, but you’re really bored out of your mind doing it. You’re confused, anxious, desperate. You’ve lost hope, you’ve lost meaning, you question if you have any purpose…

Maybe you cope, but you don’t live. And life’s too short.

What if I tell you that everything you’ve ever dreamed of — nay, everything you haven’t even dreamed of — is on the other side of the trauma you’re keeping inside. Well, there’s a good chance you already know that. What you don’t know is how to get rid of the pain, of the self-doubt, of the memories. I can show you how, but I know you’ll listen only if you’re ready.


Let Your Fears Drown In The Cauldron

So how does The Cauldron help? The Cauldron is a special place. A container of great magic, healing and rebirth. You go there to face yourself, to face all of you, perhaps for the first time ever. To cry and scream, and laugh, and jump with happiness. To set your fears on fire and burn until you’re re-born a queen — a queen of your choices, of your life.


The Cauldron Sessions include, but are not limited to:


• Diving into your past and your future through intuitive Tarot counseling.

• Identifying what no longer services you. Examining your patterns, fears and limiting beliefs and slowly overcoming them.

• Creating a sacred space for communicating with the invisible forces and draw from the energies which are too delicate for our five sense, but which can heal you and transform you like nothing else can.


What Poisons You Will Be Gone for good

How am I so sure? Because I’ve seen it happen with my clients, again and again. They come skeptical, but they come because they’ve exhausted all other options.

They leave believers. In mysticism and in me, but most importantly they leave believing in themselves. Loving themselves. Truly taking decisions with their best interest at heart.

In my 8 months of working with Laura I have healed 35 years of trauma and victimization. The enormity of this statement should not be lost on you. Its not lost to me. I cry. I laugh. I get pissed because she challenges me and calls me out. And I love. I love myself for the first time in my whole life. I have hope for the first time in my whole life. And I have seen my life blossom because of it. I finally have started work that is in line with who I am and my spirits purpose. I have started dating a man who respects me for who I am. I have given up the habits that cut me off from my pain but also from my potential. There is no way to truly bring home the value of Laura’s guidance except to say that if you are not living the life you feel you are capable of, if you are unhappy in any way with the person you are then you simply cant afford to NOT work with her.
— Josie M
I sat in complete shock as she spoke my hearts lingering questions with grace and love, her voice moved like sunlight through so many chambers I rarely opened to and she flooded them with a rare loving and knowledgeable light.

Laura is for lack of better words The Real Deal. If you knew me, you’d know I do not open myself to many mystics, I believe we each carry our answers within us. I am a pragmatist and a skeptic by nature so allure may be beautiful but trust is hard earned. Laura’s intuition and practice are both deep and scholarly; she is masterful in the emotional inflections of her client and the spiritual nature within them. Laura has a truly rare vision in the world, one that I feel a lasting, honest and honored by a connection to.
— Megan Victoria, Owner of Jupiter LaLa


The Good LIFE'S Waiting

The Cauldron isn’t for everyone. Nothing is. The Cauldron is for the open-minded, for the big-hearted, for the dreamers.

I’m telling you, The Cauldron works, but it works if you work it.

Are you ready to work it?

Are you ready to rise from the ashes?

To show them all what you got?

To be happy with you?

The good life's waiting. Click bellow and make it happen.


I hold sessions virtually via Skype video or phone as well as in person in my in residence Reading Room located in Parker Colorado.


Bi-weekly sessions-250.00 p/m

Weekly sessions- 500.00 p/m