Tarot Therapy

Tarot as both reflection & prediction                                           





There is always predisposition but there is no predetermination....


Tarot is a divination system comprised of signs, symbols, archetypal energy. Tarot is like a door that when opened brings forth messages from our higher self and the signs contained within the cards. I read Tarot intuitively-this means that rather than regurgitating the meanings of a card as found in the guide books which often accompany a deck I allow the signs and symbols to trigger my intuition so that I may guide you per your unique situation. This allows me to combine the power of Tarot and intuition to provide detail that is both reflective- helping you to understand who you are, who they are, what is going on around you but also predictive-providing us with insight into the current path and its likely destination as well as alternative paths that are before you.  Tarot, like all predictive style reading, requires that we understand and accept that our lives are a canvas upon which our every choice paints a new picture. There are things in life which are predisposed but none which are predetermined; we always and without question have freewill. 

These readings are designed to help you both in a reflective and predictive nature. When you purchase I will reach out to you to begin an intimate conversation about your specific situation. This is a time for you to share your questions as well as provide the first names of those involved in your concern. You will receive an audio recording of your session along with a photo of your specific spread within 48-72 hours of purchase unless my schedule dictates otherwise. I will notify you in our initial discussion if there is any additional wait time. 

If you are not sure what reading is best for your concern please feel free to send me an email at Laura@LauraBrown.co or use the contact form. 


Explore The Options Available...

Relationship Reading

All relationships encounter various highs and lows. Sometimes it feels as though you are each on the same page and sometimes it may feel as though you are on separate sides of unseen battle lines. For times when you may need additional insight into your relationships and its direction this is a wonderful reading. This reading will paint a vivid picture of where your relationship currently stands, where you each desire for the relationship to go and what you can do about the obstacles present. This reading is designed to assist you in making empowered choices both for yourself and the relationships you hold dear to your heart.


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Past, Present & Future

While small this reading packs a hell of a punch. It can be tailored to look at any situation be it romance, personal evolution, health and wealth. Its a quick snapshot into the energy surrounding you presently as well as a glance back to understand what was-what brought you to this very moment. Lastly we take a peak into what is ahead in the future. 


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Akashic Spread

A journey into the Akashic Halls to gain insight into the lessons which stand before you and how you can move through them towards the next stage of your personal and spiritual evolution. 

This reading will cover what insight your higher self has to offer, current energies surrounding you, low vibrations which are holding you back, past life influences as well as how to raise your vibration and ascend to your next lesson. 

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Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross is perhaps one of the most ancient and well known of Tarot spreads and can be used as both a general exploration and also a specific question/sector of life. 

This reading covers you, what stands in your way, both the recent and distant past, what is presently surrounding you, what is ahead in the coming six months, how you are influencing things presently, hopes/fears, external influences as well as potential outcome. This is a birds eye view, a 365 degree exploation of all that surrounds you and your question. 

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Metatron Spread

This is a spiritual exploration at its finest. We will journey through insight your guides have to offer you, activation of your spiritual gifts and purpose, information from the past which needs your attention, inner healing, new awakenings coming forth and how you can begin to tap into and activate your psychic and intuitive gifts. 

A wonderful spread for those who want to take a deeper look into their spiritual body and bring to the fore the gifts contained within.  

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Starseed Spread

This spread is fantastic for look into a specific situation you are facing. We will look at the energies underlying the situation, the first step to take, what is needed to take you forward, what lesson is needing processing as well as a potential outcome based in the present path. 

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