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The science of self-healing is a powerful tool towards advancement, expansion and wholeness. More than simply New Age woo there is a growing body of scientific evidence to support the hypothesis that the body is an organic system which responds to external and internal stimuli for both the positive and the negative. 

For many of us our baseline is one of stress, pressure and low vibrational behavior with only moments of release, relaxation and centeredness thrown in. This is the exact opposite that our physical and energetic bodies need in order to function optimally. When our physical and energetic bodies are functioning properly our entire physical system returns to its divine perfection, protecting us from disease of the body and mind, allowing us to relax and manifest with ease and interact with the outside world in a fluid and calm approach. 

There are many out there who take offense to the idea of healing. " How dare you! I'm not broke. There is nothing wrong with me!" 

And you know what? You're right. But we've all been through and done some shit. And each experience, trauma, achievement-everything that has impacted us emotionally has impacted us energetically. Our body, minds (our thoughts and beliefs), our hearts-quite literally everything about and within us has been molded by our experiences. Some of it works. Some of it does not. 

Additionally some of what we've encountered has been so unspeakably painful that we refused to move through it; opting instead to shove it in a box and push it way, way, way down. Left alone these wounds express their frustration at being ignored by expanding and festering in insidious ways that again, mold and shape our entire being, sometimes without our conscious awareness. 

So healing is not about being broken. Its about gently confronting ourselves, seeing our trauma, our conditioning and its originators so that we can release, integrate and find wholeness. 


Each of the modalities detailed below are done via phone or Skpe and are not limited by location. If you happen to be local to the Metro Denver area and would like to receive your service in person please contact me prior to scheduling. If you own a healing center or would like to do group healing sessions these are also available with applicable fees. Please email to learn more. 


This is a healing and relaxation technology employing our greatest life source and system-our breath. Breathwork is a fantastic medicine for those in the West who often need a hands on approach. This is a healing modality that you are guided through-you ultimately control the process. You do the work. Because of this its an active meditation and healing modality that allows you to feel part of the process rather than a passive participant. 

Breathwork is a moving meditation through which we open, cleanse and revitalize our cells. It brings us into connection with our purpose, our hearts and our bodies. This is a form of healing that though it be gentle it is mighty and is for those who wish to see their healing move at a fast but thorough pace.


Intuitive Reiki

Reiki is the transference of Universal Life Source energy through the hands and to the intended recipient. This energy healing has been used for centuries and is hypothesized to be the form of hands on healing Jesus used. 

This healing modality is incredibly peaceful and activating-many experience an expansion of intuition, spiritual ascension and greater sensitivity overall.

A very non-invasive form of healing, Reiki allows us to work on a variety of physical, emotional and psychological challenges leaving you feeling free, clear and balanced.   


Alchemic Healing

Alchemic Healing employs the elements to bring transformation on a profound level. With incorporation of Psychic Surgery, Cleansing and Energetic Healing waves we create the ultimate alchemy of healing and wellness.

These sessions are quite activating and often will stimulate a cleansing on a physical and emotional level. These sessions are wonderful for those who are looking to heal from injury, disease and psychological malaise. 

While still gentle and non-invasive I have found Alchemic Healing to be a more amplified and stimulating experience than what is often found in the more peaceful ceremony of Reiki. 


Tuning In

Like all instruments our bodies can be tuned to achieve optimal physical, emotional and mental balance. Tapping two tuning forks will instantaneously change your body's biochemistry and bring your entire 10 body system into harmonic balance. In mere seconds your body enters a deep state of relaxation that allows you to feel centered and your mind at peace. 
Those looking to find instangteous and deep relaxation, greater mental clarity and brain functionality and to increase their physical energy will benefit from Tuning Fork Sounbathing. This is a technology which brings into balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain, allowing for deeper activation of our mental capacity and is great for those who wish to stay sharp or those students who need assistance with learning and cognitive functioning. 

This is a highly gentle but profound way of relieving stress and enhances our intuition and meditation depth. This is a therapy that works wonderfully for those suffering from depression and anxiety and is great for calming high energy children who wrestle with staying calm and centered when needed. 

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