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Opening a Portal

Insight, Clarity, Direction Forward 


Intuitive counseling sessions are in depth, compassionate and transformative sessions designed to assist you in tapping into your inner self and aligning with purpose. These sessions are a beautiful and harmonious marriage of intuitive insights, direct channeling, Tarot, astrology and coaching, all brought into one powerful session. Together we shake away old narratives of fear, wounds and self-limitation so that you may weave a new path. A limitless path which is purposeful and divinely driven. The marriage of these gifts both natural and learned allow us to understand what is circulating you at present, what is likely to happen if you stay on the present course and what actions you can take to shift the path ahead. 

This is space holding-I surround us with a circle of divine protection and call upon your guides, angels and ascended masters for the purpose of energetically cleansing, aligning and offering insight when applicable. While wholly spiritual and soulful these sessions are nonetheless modernly applicable. The insight is easy to understand and apply to your life-allowing you to feel a deep sense of both connection and relevance.

These sessions bring massive change on a grand scale but even with such a powerful impact these sessions are gentle and compassionate portals. Portals that help you to see your way forward and gain perspective. Many leave the session with tears of connection and joy. There is great power in connecting to your higher self, and receive insight from the spirits who have watched and guarded you since you first incarnated. 

We can meet in person if local to Colorado, via phone or Skype. 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to send me an email at

I have had a few readings before but frankly found them lacking. Sitting with Laura is NOTHING like my previous experiences. She is incredibly uplifting and her readings are always accurate, easy to understand and practical enough to put into action in my life.
— KD, California
30 Minute Intuitive Counsel Session
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60 Minute Intuitive Counsel Session
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Insight that breaks down barriers, opens my heart and reveals what was within all along.
— Kelly, LA