Living Oracle, Modern Insight

Down to earth insight you can understand and guidance you can easily apply which results in a powerfully life affirming experience which captures the pulse of the human experience. 

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"Laura is for lack of better words The Real Deal. If you knew me, you’d know I do not open myself to many mystics, I believe we each carry our answers within us. I am a pragmatist and a skeptic by nature so allure may be beautiful but trust is hard earned. Laura’s intuition and practice are both deep and scholarly; she is masterful in the emotional inflections of her client and the spiritual nature within them. Laura has a truly rare vision in the world, one that I feel a lasting, honest and honored by a connection to.  It has been 6 months since that day and I can still hear her, like an anchor to my own truths. As I write to tell you how deeply this experience with her resonated, I can feel the bells of truth ring in me, and the tears well.

I follow Laura on all social media and just as in our session she speaks a truth and authentic wisdom that is vastly rare. In a world of chatter Laura is a clear strong instrument of universal wisdom.

Thank you Laura, for your unparalleled offerings.

-Megan Victoria, Owner of Jupiter LaLa