Facing a tough decision? Wondering what’s ahead? Looking for A sign? You are not alone...

Tarot is not about knowing the future. The future can change. You can change it.

Tarot is about knowing your options, about moving forward with confidence. about personal revolution. Tarot is really about you. The you you might not yet know exists…

Tarot is a symbolic book of wisdom which I work with in both a holistic (the why’s) and predictive (the what and when) to help unlock the many doors before you so that you are better able to make empowered, informed and clear decisions. The cards are a tool which weave the way through consciousness and has its pulse upon the human experience. The cards, as a collection of symbols, carries within her lines our story. They serve as doorways through which we open to the mysteries of life.

To give you the answers you're looking for, I use: 

  • My skills as an empath to feel your and your partners overall energy and intention;

  • In-depth Tarot reading expertise;
  • Direct channeling & Energetic Work;
  • Suggestions for ritual and spell work for implementing change in your life;
  • Inner and innate knowing and sense of the past, present and future events
  • Coaching techniques to help guide you forward with the insight provided intuitively.


Please note after our session you may experience the following symptoms of energy upgrade:

  • dizziness/lightheaded;
  • Nausea;
  • High levels of energy and/or periods of extreme lethargy;
  • Increased need to void;
  • difficulty sleeping.

As a word Witch my channeling of message and energy is extraordinarily strong and the medicine pours through with each word that leaves my lips or is typed with these fingers. As such you may experience these and other signs of both energetic detox and the energy upgrades that I set the intention for with each of my sessions. If you find any of these symptoms to be too much for you just simply contact me to have me dial the energy down and call your guides closer to absorb and redistribute the energy as is in your highest good


Additionally I hold the following Certifications/Degrees:

  • Certified Tarot Reader;

  • Formally Trained Cabot Tradition Witch & Seeress; (Laurie Cabot, Salem's official Witch)
  • Certified Metaphysical Practitioner;
  • Master Certified Life Coach;
  • Cognitive Behavioral Coach;
  • BA International Relations & Women's Studies with a concentration in sociology and government policy.

I hold sessions virtually via Skype video or phone as well as in person at my Reading Room located in Parker Colorado. If you have any initial question about how I work please feel free to email me. I look forward to working with you!



30 Minutes-60.00

60 Minutes-120.00

90 Minutes-180.00



Reading Room located in Parker, CO

Reading Room located in Parker, CO