Lunations: Scorpio Full Moon Meditation
May 21

Lunations: Scorpio Full Moon Meditation

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The Scorpio Full Moon on May 10th is a time for touching our core. For becoming familiar with our most authentic self whilst releasing the tethers, cords and attachments that we have donned. Masks, essentially, that are not in alignment with our truest self and that which we truly value. 

This guided meditation leads you through a powerful release and cleansing that will allow for integration of the whole self whilst raising your vibration. 

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Spiritual Dating: Conscious Love/Modern Living
May 25

Spiritual Dating: Conscious Love/Modern Living


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There are as many "rules" on dating as there are failed relationships. What does this tell us? Simply put many of the rules fail to create lasting and impactful love that does more than simply satisfy our need for instant gratification. 

As the world energetically shifts those walking during this sacred time are shifting too. We are no longer satisfied with rules that keep relationships in the realm of game-making and instead want something deeper. Something which speaks to creating conscious relationships between two people evolved and ready for sustainable love. We want connections that allow for personal and collective growth. We want to take relationships to the next level and we do not want to play games to get there. 

This 4 part event will help you with healing past trauma associated with love, define your intentions for your relationship, steps for dating consciously and deepening intimacy in connections.

Each section will include a recording with discussion along with links for guided meditations, healing technologies, self inquiry and the most fun of all, practical steps for the real world!

I look forward to traveling this journey towards conscious love!