Investment: $2550//Available in person and via Skype

Payment options detailed below

 Psychointuitive Coaching is a 3 month long deep dive designed to nurture you through major personal revolution by confronting trauma in a gentle and compassionate way and opening to the bareness of being. We will peel back the layers of any area of life where you have experienced blockages, resistance, trauma and fear. We will thoroughly examine your narrative and help you to bring body, mind and spirit into alignment so that you see the world, your world, through fresh eyes.

This is not about glossing over, ignoring or detaching from the wounds of our past or the qualities about ourselves that we least adore. This is about opening to our fullest humanity-to become intimately acquainted with our conditioning in a way that serves rather than thwarts our healing and awakening. I approach coaching from a perspective which is both therapeutic as well as intuitive. This ensures integration and true healing-not simply detachment from our core issues.

In other words the woo is not going to be used to gloss over your poo. 

Our time together will interlace Tarot, intuitive counseling, channeled messages and cognitive behavioral coaching. These sessions are no joke-they are going to challenge you and encourage you to stretch beyond your comfort zone. You will confront things which at times may feel as though your heart is breaking. But it’s merely expanding to include more growth, potential and love. These sessions are about wholeness and integration. Accomplishment and evolution. Truth and wisdom. 

Psychointuitive Coaching is deeply cathartic for the physical and emotional body and are crafted to bring you deep healing; helping you to open your cells and release emotional funk coagulated over time. We will rewrite the narrative of where you have been so that you are free to move to where you are meant to be. To whom you are meant to become. This is self-healing at its highest and purest vibration.

This offering is for you should you feel called. It requires, however, your total commitment. Your entire resolve and absolute dedication. 

Our time together includes:


  • 12 weeks of 60 minute sessions conducted in person or via phone/Skype

  • Email support between sessions if called

  • Soul work that includes guides meditations, healing modalities, journaling & more to be determined by your unique journey.


The question is are you ready? To call forth all those undigested, unintegrated parts of the self to the fore. To see them and to sit with them to learn what they have to share with you. To live life from your soul instead of your insecurities and fears. To shed self-imposed limitations and to step into your power. The power that has always resided within you. The power and purpose that is not determined by what you have gone through or where you are now. The power to truly craft a soulful life that is rich with purpose, brimming with limitless potential and undulating with deep, abiding possibility.

If you have any questions at all please email me at


Payment Plan Options


One payment of $2550

Two payments of $1275

Three Payments of $850

Four Payments of $637

I welcome your questions. This quest is not one to take lightly. Please feel free to email me at so that we can begin a conversation about your path and what I can assist you with.