Im going to come right out and say it love. 

If you are here its because you are meant to be here. You were called. You feel the draw within for more. To not sit in smallness. You are ready to uplevel your entire life. You are ready to step into yesness. Into so very much enoughness!

Already I know you are wildly intuitive, consciously creative and daring.

Because those are the people who I attract. Those are the people who come to me because they are ready to work with those skills, to expand upon those skills in order to create a life of delicious purpose, decadent wealth and conscious relationships. 

You have a great vision and are ready to unleash your magic upon the world. You are ready to live an inspired life and in so doing inspire others. 

You dream of a life that is epic, daring and fully felt and no matter how far you have already traveled you know you are ready for more. That its time to take things to the next level. 

There is a way to live a life that is fully aligned. That is rich with purpose and meaning and allows you to truly shine. There is a way to wipe away old vows that no longer serve you and no matter what's preceded this moment you are fully capable of and divinely entitled to living a life with grace, ease and epicness. 

Because I believe that:

We are not our past-we are given a fresh chance each morning to change our path and rewrite our lives. 

That our birth right is one of ease, grace and love. Conscious prosperity, strong spiritual health and luscious relationships. 

That we are wildly powerful beings in our enoughness and when we step into a place of allowing instead of grasping or even resisting we become. We become complete in where we are which ironically and perhaps poetically, we then receive all we've ever desired. 

That our work should uplift us and there should never be a point of burn out. 


For the past 15 years I have worked with thousands of women, some of the greatest and most powerful women helping them to create a life oF PURPOSE, BUILD WILDLY LIMITLESS ABUNDANCE AND RELATIONSHIPS THAT SURPASSED ANYTHING THEY EVER IMAGINED.


I accomplish this with a 3-step process. The Becoming process:

Audit: What are your vows, the narrative that you tell about who you are and what you are capable of? We look at all that limits you and ways in which you subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) sabotage yourself. 

Activation: We delve deep into your spirit and help you align with your soul gifts and talents. We help you to activate your soul speak and inner clarity which then allows all the pieces of the puzzle to gracefully fall into place. 

Alignment: We align you, your work, your relationships with your highest purpose and soul speak. You step into the cauldron of creativity and experience a rush of possibility, abundance, passion and fulfillment that surpasses you've never felt before. 


There are a variety of ways to work with me 1:1

When we work together one-on-one it is a powerful and beautiful, cocreative experience that bridges the gap and helps you to become the creatrix of life, love and career. Together we build a relationship of deep trust, intimacy and connection that helps you to explore the deepest parts of your very soul. It is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. 

In my 8 months of working with Laura I have healed 35 years of trauma and victimization. The enormity of this statement should not be lost on you. Its not lost to me. I cry. I laugh. I get pissed because she challenges me and calls me out. And I love. I love myself for the first time in my whole life. I have hope for the first time in my whole life. And I have seen my life blossom because of it. I finally have started work that is in line with who I am and my spirits purpose. I have started dating a man who respects me for who I am. I have given up the habits that cut me off from my pain but also from my potential. There is no way to truly bring home the value of Laura’s guidance except to say that if you are not living the life you feel you are capable of, if you are unhappy in any way with the person you are then you simply cant afford to NOT work with her.
— Josie M


We start with Soul Birthing- a powerful year long experience into becoming. For those looking to uplevel their business and relationship abundance we have Quantum Abundance, a radically life altering prosperity program. And for those looking for sacred, awakened relationships, dripping with passion and support we have Awakened Relationships. 

Explore the options below and should you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at


Soul Birthing

Soul Birthing is a 12 month long deep dive designed to nurture you through major personal revolution by confronting trauma in a gentle and compassionate way and opening to the bareness of being. We will peel back the layers of any area of life where you have experienced blockages, resistance, trauma and fear. We will thoroughly examine your narrative and help you to bring body, mind and spirit into alignment so that you see the world, your world, through fresh eyes. I will be your spiritual midwife to assist you as you heal, release and integrate.


This is a vibrationally elevating experience that is designed to radically shift your life, bring joy and lasting happiness and release you from unhealthy patterns, limitations and ways of being.


This is a life altering experience that will challenge you, uplift you and completely change you. It will challenge you. It will force you to confront who you are and what shaped you. This is not about glossing over, ignoring or detaching from the wounds of our past or the qualities about ourselves that we least adore. This is about opening to our fullest humanity-to become intimately acquainted with our conditioning in a way that serves rather than thwarts our healing and awakening. I approach coaching from a perspective which is both therapeutic as well as intuitive. This ensures integration and true healing-not simply detachment from our core issues.


Our time together will interlace Tarot, intuitive counseling, channeled messages and cognitive behavioral coaching. I will be your Spiritual Midwife, assisting you all the way.


Holding you up when you feel weak. High fiving you when you experience a breakthrough and crying beside you as we tap into the sweetness of your being. These sessions are no joke-they are going to challenge you and encourage you to stretch beyond your comfort zone. You will confront things which at times may feel as though your heart is breaking. But it’s merely expanding to include more growth, potential and love. These sessions are about wholeness and integration. Accomplishment and evolution. Truth and wisdom.

If you that you are ready please fill out the application below to set up a time to speak. 


By application only. Please note this is a high five figure investment.



Quantum Abundance

This exclusive, high level 6 month mentorship is designed to help you unleash your magic into the world and create abundance doing it!

This program is for those looking to get their Soul's Work out into the world. Who want to make money doing what they love-what calls to their soul. 

This is for those who are ready to step into their power and stop fading, slowly, as they work in a job that does not bring fulfillment. Who know they are meant for more than just "ordinary". This is for the woman who knows she has extraordinary gifts that would greatly benefit the world around her. 


She wants to be of service. She wants to enrich the people around her and she wants to step into her fullest abundance-rewriting her prosperity vows to allow for limitless abundance and success. 


This training includes soul clearing, advanced energy work and access as well as guidance in the very business principals that Laura has learned and applied in her own business. We will delve deep into the essence of your relationship with abundance, receive guidance on the changes that need to be made internally and externally and then begin to set you upon the path of that which you desire for your career. 


This program will help you to replicate Laura's success in your own beautiful and soulful way. 


Since 2001 Laura has provided readings and coaching to women world wide. After leaving college and an unhappy relationship Laura built her business from the ground up with a two year old in tow, no less. The very energy work and business methods that helped Laura go from being on government assistance to enjoying a consistent (no more feast or famine!) high 6-figure income. 

It does not matter if you are currently in your Soul Work or are looking to discover what that work is. This program helps you at the level you are currently at. It is devised to work with where you are to take you to where you desire to be.

This program will help those radical women looking to uplevel their business and step into their abundant Soul Space. We will rewrite your abundance vows, help to energetically clear abundance blocks and help you get in touch with the healthy creator within. 

Additionally this program is designed to ground the energetics into the physical. While we work on the internal landscape of your Soul Work we balance this with the practical steps needed to succeed in business.

This includes:

Cocreating a web presence and branding that is in alignment with the essence of your Soul Work

Setting up a business plan and financial blueprint that ensures you work with what you have and grow all that comes your way. 

Financial Audit to suss out financial drains and ensure that you are an attentive Shepard of the money you currently have. 

This is a program designed to assist you in rewriting your prosperity vows, remove energetic blocks and ground all of the energetics into the physical with actions that show immediate results. 

I am your guide, your mentor and your support through this process and together we see to it that your Soul Work is unleashed into the world and skyrockets you to financial independence, wealth and success. 

If you are ready to make the leap please fill out the application below to set up a time to speak. 


By application only. Please note this is a high five figure investment.



Awakened Relationships


You are ready for a love that blows your mind. For a relationship that feels authentic, deep and with roots to grow and go the distance. 

You are tired of flat connections that fail to materialize. You are sick of playing "the game" and want to meet someone by simply being your authentic self. 


Most of all you are tired of patterns that limit you in love and people who disappoint you. Frankly you are tired of repeating the same mistakes. 


You are ready to begin to build something that goes the distance, supports your growth with someone who you can nurture and who you are aligned with in intention and vision for your relationship. 

Awakened Relationships was created from my own personal experience of suffering through the patterns of clenching to someone, choosing anyone so long as they filled a void and forming an incredibly toxic relationship with love. This is my healing journey and the journey that I am honored to now Shepard others through. 


For the past 15 I have worked with women to create the deepest, most luscious self-love, write a narrative that takes their relationships to new heights and that drip with passion


I help you by first going within. We explore the relationship you have with the self and what narrative you tell regarding your relationship to love. We then examine how this narrative influences and shapes the relationships you have with others. We then began to delve deep into the essence of your approach to relationships. We will tune into the energy and its cadence to gain insight into changes you can make to both the internal and external landscape around you in order to bring grace and ease back into your relationships. 

We will then begin to tap into the essence of your ideal relationship. 


It does not matter if you are single and looking or attached and wanting to improve. This program aligns you exactly to where you need to be for what you seek. 


What are you looking for? How do you desire to feel in your relationships? What are your boundaries and expectations? This is where we get crystal clear on what you desire in a relationship and with WHOM you desire to be with. This doesnt mean that we try to force someone specific into the mold but rather open you to the essence of the person you desire. Once we are clear on this we can begin to align you to this essence and make manifest, into the physical that which you desire. 


This is romantic conjuring at its finest. 


We then ground the energetics of the work with the practical, real-world actions that create traction and provide immediate results. We reach into the deepest corners of your Soul and ask her what she desires from a lover. We help you to heal the weeping wounds of relationships past and crea te vows that instantly begin to radicalize the way in which people respond to you. Together we build a relationship that helps to support your growth and provide you with an emotional healing and relational upgrade that is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. 

This is a 6 month program which consists of:

Twice weekly 60-minute appointments

My personal cell phone number for text support between appointments and whenever needed. 

Energy work focused on healing trauma, victimization and emotional wounds.

Soul Work designed to challenge, clarify and align you to the essence and manifestation of your ideal relationship.


The investment for this program is $3997 or six payments of $667.00 per month. 

There are 12 spots 6 spots remaining for 2017!!

To begin please choose from the options below.