understanding life, love & our soul purpose

Astrology is a deeply personal, powerful tool for self discovery. The chart of the sky upon your birth helps you to know yourself deeper, to understand your "factory settings" that drive your interaction with love, money, purpose and healing. The planets and celestial bodies create a cosmic blueprint wherein we can understand how best to approach the opportunities presented to us, the challenges that we face and the decisions that we make. This ensures that we make solid, sound choices that aid in the strength and sturdiness of the foundation beneath us. 

I approach astrology with the understanding that this is the blueprint-the barest schematic, upon which we add the details and color. When we explore astrology we do so to foster awareness of how alignments in the sky can influence the way we interact with the world around and within us and not as a means of skirting the responsibility and blaming it on the stars. While we may be predisposed towards a certain path, emotional state or experience, at the end of the day we have the final deciding vote on how our lives are shaped. 

These readings are delivered in email as a beautiful and artfully designed PDF with a copy of your chart(s) as well as an in depth, intuitive, explanation. 

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Birth Chart Reading
from 185.00

Our birth charts provide a snapshot of the sky when we entered this world. Interpreting the sky at the moment of our birth provides us with valuable information all about YOU! 

For many this is the most powerful and influential reading that I offer as it empowers you to understand who you are, your life theme, challenges that you may be naturally predisposed towards and gifts that can not only help you move beyond any challenges in your life but help you to realize your highest aspirations. 

In addition I offer my Souls Expression reading with this chart which delves deeply into your Souls deepest expression. This is where you will excel most and what your Soul craves to bring to the world. This is a channeled reading that allows me to be a conduit for your higher self and relay information on the path which will provide you the greatest joy, success and fulfillment in your life. 



Birth Chart Options:
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Cosmic Relationships
from 85.00

There are many factors in our chart which have an impact upon our natural interaction within romantic relationships. When we understand the default settings when it comes to love, sex and communication its like a light bulb turning on-illuminating what once perhaps confused us in our relationship with love. This reading explores the houses which govern the selfhood, relationships, sex, communication and home all of which impact the way we interact with romantic relatioships. 

There are two options for this reading-a personal exploration into your relationship with love and relationships and a comparison between your chart and your partners to gain understanding to the strengths and weaknesses within the connection. This allows you to build a strong foundation, gain understanding and work to strengthen what may not come naturally between the two of you. 


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Cosmic Abundance

This reading is an exploration of your 2nd house which governs finances, wealth, possessions, talents, earning potential and values. Fostering awareness of the planets in this house help you to best utilize your innate gifts and expand your earning potential. 

This reading will help you to better understand your relationship with money, and how you earn it. You will gain insight into how you make earning effortless and natural. Additionally you will gain insight into what you value, your relationship with possession and the underlying energies which influence your relationship with finances. 


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