Goddess Within

Goddess Within


Its time to rise in purpose and alignment. Its time to reach within and build a relationship with the Goddess as she speaks to each of us, uniquely. Deep within us all is a spark of divine wisdom-primitive and ancient. Older than time itself this divine spark has been with us from our very first incarnation and will be with us long after this one is over. She knows us better than we know ourselves and has been there to hold us when we are crumbling and celebrates with each achievement. Whether we have chosen to acknowledge her or not the Goddess has been our constant companion. 

There is a great shift taking place that demands we reframe the way we approach our lives and our world. Fractures that have existed within are festering and require our immediate attention. A sense of powerlessness over our own life, our bodies, our passion and purpose are no longer tolerable. We are craving connection. We are craving flow. We are craving the Goddess. 

Sacred Feminine, Sacred Path is an offering of connection and healing. We will begin a journey that leads each of us home, to the ancient Goddess energy residing within us all. You will meet 6 of the main Goddess Archetypes and build an intimate, personal and spiritual relationship with them each. You will uncover your dominate Goddess Archetype and how to regain connection if you have felt adrift from her. We will uncover tools that help us as we weave through various roles in our lives, embracing different phases and develop a working relationship with each Goddess and her medicine as we circle the Wheel.

This course brings connection, ascension and a sense of divine healing to the deepest parts of our soul. 

This course will connect you to the divine feminine is a powerful way that lends great momentum to your life.

You will receive the medicine to:

  • Feel a profound connection to your power, your voice and the source of your creative inspiration and purpose.
  • Transform your life from the inside out, forming a strong bond with you and your divine Goddess.
  • Find internal strength and no longer seek validation external to you.
  • Stand firm in your sensual, powerful and masterful power as a woman made in direct reflection of the Goddess.
  • Build a spiritual coalition of Goddess allies whom you will feel confident calling on to weave magic in your life. 
  • Find potent connection to your purpose and the confidence to explore your calling.
  • Learn how to connect with your dominate Goddess Archetype even if your life contrasts her energy. 
  • What Goddess is available to you during certain phases of your life. 
  • How to work with your Goddess Archetype to manifest your deepest and longest held dreams. 
  • How to build a life rich in connection, joy, love and abundance-a life that is only possible when we embrace our Goddess selves and work with her sacred energy. 

  You are divine-filled with numinous, powerful energy

The Goddess is not outside of you. She is not found in a stone or some guru. She exists within where she has always presided over every moment of your expansive journey. She offers you deep healing and profound power. She is limitless and desires for you to see yourself as a reflection of this. She is ready to lock hearts with you. She is ready to come out from underground and to live in expression with you. She is ready for all of those hearing the call to rise within herself. 

She is ready to connect and consciously create with those who are tired of feeling disconnected from themselves. From their lives, their calling. She is ready to remind each of us that sacred self-care is a divine act that allows us to show up in the world. That we must stop sacrificing ourselves to the roles we have taken in this life. She is ready to help each of us up from the ground of submission and quiet control thrusted upon us by a culture that fears our power. We are more than our patriarchal inheritance. From our bodies comes life-be it human or purpose. Be it expression or  power. She is available now to each woman who is more than ready, begging even, to trade in her self-doubt, lack of self-trust for a bone deep sense of her own power. 

By virtue of reaching this page you are hearing the call. Now its time to answer it. And that can be the hardest part. We find it difficult to say yes to our own pleasure, connection and healing. We have little experience in making priority our own wellbeing and investing in ourselves. I have provided readings for over 15 years and many come to me wanting to know about someone else-not themselves. This is a perfect example of how little we invest in our own well-being! We can say yes to responsibility. We can say yes to each obligation. And yes continuously we tell the Goddess no. This imbalance no longer stands. 

Its time that we consecrate our holiness and no longer allow ourselves to fester in disconnection. Its time to stand in our purpose. Its time to walk the Sacred Feminine Path. 

The Six Goddesses we will explore:







By investing in yourself you receive:

  • Weekly ebooks covering a specific Goddess outlining her mythology and personal characteristics.

  • Ritual/altar ideas as well as meditations to meet and commune with each Goddess energy

  • A test to uncover your dominate Goddess Archetype.
  • Practical tips and tools for bringing each Goddess energy into your every day life. This includes but is not limited to journal prompts, exercises, activities and meditations.
  • Weekly recorded calls with me to dig in deeper and have a chance for some Q&A
  • Insight on working withe each Goddess so that you can build a relationship, invite their energy into your life and benefit from their medicine.
  • Understanding the flow of Goddess energy and whether a particular energy is in imbalance and how to correct this flow. 
  • Optional weekly personal medicine sessions with me
  • Access to closed/secret Facebook group to build community with like-minded, ascending sisters.
  • And much much more!


This is your time-to stand at the intersection of who you are and who you are to become. To stand between you and something greater than you. To delve deep into the feminine mysteries that are your divine birthright. 

You have two options for your investment

To help personalize this as much as you wish I am offering two options for proceeding. 

You may choose to purchase the course as outlined above, with weekly emails, your Goddess books and live weekly calls or you can add a weekly 30 minute session with me where we will talk one-on-one about your journey, receive any additional Goddess medicine which comes through specific to you and dig into what rises your surface with each Goddess. If you are unsure which option is best for you feel free to contact me

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