Love & Vulnerability

Love & Vulnerability


**This will not be a live group but a recorded discussion and meditation sent to you on the date of the event Cost is 15.00**

Vulnerability is the cornerstone of all connection and yet its the one thing we tend to protect ourselves most from. We call it self protection but in truth when we erect walls in the face of trauma we actually limit our ability to show up and interact with our connections, new and old. We limit the potential for lasting love and sabotage connections before they even truly begin. 

Vulnerability, when embraced, however, allows us to truly greet each connection with possibility. With our hearts ready for whatever may transpire. Vulnerability is what allows us to embrace a connection for what is has to teach us, not where it may end up. Vulnerability, in short, is the most important tool we have in our pursuit of authentic connection and lasting love. 

We will cover many questions connected to vulnerability. I will lead us through a discussion on the difference between self protection and boundaries as well as explain how walls created against vulnerability, in the essence of so-called self-protection, are in fact inhibiting our ability to fully be present and experience the benefits of true love. We will begin to deconstruct walls that many of us created in a moment of such powerful emotion we were not even conscious of their creation. We will also discuss practical steps to take in order to experience immediate transformation in our relationships.

The medicine of breath is healing in motion-an organic and euphoric technology for healing that attracts to us what we desire while releasing what stands in our way. Its a therapeutic means of cleansing the narratives of old contained within our cells. 

The breath is also an powerful and ancient channel for transmission and in this guided practice I will tap into this energy for channeling into this practice. This practice will leave you feeling rooted, cleansed and free. Free of old narratives contained within the cells of your body. Your entire being will be washed with a deep and profound love that leaves you feeling safe, tender and open. 

Even if you have never experienced a breath work session you will find the practice completely organic and life affirming. I look forward to holding this space with you!

You will receive a MP4 of your session as well as a link to a playlist as an optional accompaniment to the practice. 

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