What I Do:

My name is Laura Brown and I offer coaching, healing and intuitive Tarot reading services to modern-day women with modern, busy lives and who desire an alternative to traditional talk therapy. Because sometimes just talking is not enough and you know it.

Most of my clients are ambitious, driven, focused. They know exactly where they want to go, they just need a little help on how to get there faster. They know their past does not have to be their future but they need support in destroying old patterns and starting fresh.

Working with me helps with exactly that.

• I give you insight into your future. Can you change it? Sure. But certain things will be there, waiting, and you can learn how to handle them better.

• I help you create an actionable plan and move beyond fears and limiting beliefs.

• After our sessions you’ll feel optimistic, energized and ready to make things happen!


How I Got Here:

Challenges growing up opened the door for me to turn to Tarot and energy medicine. I came from a family who put the funk in dysfunctional and that baggage was desperately calling for my attention. I had to heal my life, from the inside out.

It’s difficult to declare yourself psychic and a medium when you live in a small town in the rural Midwest. But that’s what I was. That’s what I knew in my bones I was. Working with Tarot, immersing myself in personal ceremonies and healing allowed me to release what was subconsciously sabotaging me. It opened paths that I was previously unaware of and gave me much needed direction that allowed me to radicalize my life.

When I saw the way I could turn from a path that surely led to dependency, poverty and potentially worse if I was not careful, I felt called to offer this to others who feel their life isn’t quite what they are capable of. Those who wanted to heal their lives and needed guidance on how to do just that.


How You Can Work With Me:

Two of my top services are Intuitive Tarot Counseling sessions and Cauldron Sessions.

To get in contact and ask a specific question or ask for a specific service that you can’t see on the website, click here


Make things easier, get there faster.